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January 24, 2023

Nepal At Glance

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Nepal is a tiny Himalayan nation sandwiched between the giant and advanced nations such as China and India in the south Asia. Nepal is also known as the hidden Sangrila, the land of peace for being the birth place of Lord Buddha, for being the land of brave Gurkhas who won the laurels of world war I and II, Aganistan, Falkland, Srilanka, Nepal-Pakistan wars and Kasmir skirmishes etc. The elevation of the area ranges above sea level from 60 meters at Kanchan Kanan to Mount Everest (8848m) highest point of the earth.

Enticing Landscape:

Nepal is endowed with resplendent bio-diversity, wide-range of ecosystem with dense alpine forests swarmed with diverse wildlife, frozen valleys, deep gorges, wind-swept deserts, fast flowing rivers, lakes and glacial lakes. The tempting beauty of glacial lakes originating in the Himalayan belt and from the foot hills of the highest peaks Mt Everest renders it unique and splendid for the rest of the world. It is can undoubtedly be called as the Switzerland of south Asia for its immense beauty of nature, culture and historical heritages pervasive across the country.

Everest Base camp

Topography and Wildlife:

The magnificent diversified topography of Nepal offers a wide ranging haven for a comfortable abode to wildlife like tigers, rhinos, monkeys, bears, yaks, leopards and different species of insects and birds that has attracted the attention of researchers globally. Incredibly enough over 10 percent of the world’s bird species. Few endangered species of Asia in its extensive parks and protected natural habitats also thrive here which makes Nepal a unique nation to provide a comfortable haven for the wildlife.

Parsa wildlife reserve
Parsa wildlife reserve : Photo-enticing Nepal

Unity in Diversity

More significantly enough Nepal has over 125 ethnic communities with 123 major ethnic languages in the country. These ethnic identities have been officially endorsed by the new constitution. However, there are more possibilities of finding more ethnic communities and languages in the country. If all ethnic communities and languages are identified it may be possible to see over 200 thriving ethnic communities and languages in future. In fact there is not a single community that has majority population. The ruling elite community of the county comprise of nearly 31% of the total population.

Haven for Mountains

Nepal is also a virgin country for travelers and climbers a it is a haven for mountains as more than 300 mountains are found here of which 8 highest peaks above 8000 meters are located in Nepal. Therefore, it cannot be denied that Nepal could be one of the top best travel destinations for the tourists.

Spectacular Expedition of Ama Dablam
Ama Dablam peak

Religious Harmony:

This is the country with utmost religious harmony seen despite a nation where multi religions thrive. The majority of Hindus and Buddhists live in harmony while several other religious faith believers including Christians too live in harmony along with others.

Pashupatinath: Lord of all Animals and Humans
Pashupatinath temple (file photo)

The temple of Pashupatinath, Boudhanath, Boudha Stupa and Lumbini are famous as world heritages recognized by UNESCO. Lumbini in Nepal is the Mecca of Buddhist believers. Most of the Buddhist believers from Thailand, Srilanka, Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and India visit this universal shrine of Buddhism.

Rafting Rivers

Nepal is also famous for White Water River rafting for adventure sports for which foreigners annually throng to this tiny country and enjoy the river rafting.

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