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January 30, 2023

Spectacular mountain flight in Nepal

Nepal is a good haven for over 300 mountains of which Mt Everest is the highest peak in the world and 8 mountains are the above 8000 meters above sea level.

Since Nepal is resplendent with all mountains, the mountain flight here appeals and fascinates all type of travelers and trekkers. Every year hundreds and thousands of trekkers and travelers come to visit Nepal to enjoy trekking, rafting and mountain flights.

The mountain flight in Nepal offers the most exciting and breathe taking experience to the adventure lovers. The mountain flights provide closer panorama of the Himalayan mountain ranges.

Various domestic flights are operated here that provide mountain flights such as Buddha airlines, Yeti airlines, Gorkha airlines etc.

These flights make breath taking flights across the Mount Everest (8,848.86m), Shisa Pangma (8,013m), Gauri Shanker (7,134m), Melungtse (7,023m), Cho Oyu (8,201m), Pumori (8,171m), Nuptse (7,855m), Lhotse (8,516m) & Amadablam (6,856m).

These mountain flights are operated every morning at an average altitude of 6500 to 7000 meters. Circling Mount Amadabalm to enter the Khumbu valley the passengers almost fly at five nautical miles from the highest peak in the world – Mt. Everest.

Your flight would be lucky enough if the weather is not cloudy or misty. We ensure each individual passenger with a window seat during the entire flight.

Every flight can be spectacular as you will enjoy the entire panorama of mountain ranges across the Himalayan ranges.

Mountain flight can be very productive and useful for those who cannot dare to climb the difficult trekking routes.

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