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January 31, 2023

Mahottari’s tourism infrastructure development picking up pace

Janaki Mandir
Janaki Mandir. Photo: Shahiman Rai/Highlights Tourism

Kathmandu: Bardibas folks are excited with the tourism development infrastructure projects picking up speed in the town. The Madhes provincial government and the Bardibas Municipality, Culture and Tourism Promotion Committee have started giving high priority to the infrastructure development works in the district.

The Bardibas dwellers are encouraged with the announcement of the construction of Ramjanaki Funpark at Maisthan, Bardibas-4. The funpark is being constructed with the support of the Madhes provincial government.

“The ancient heritages in our area which occupies the district’s entire Chure hill range are in a state of neglect. The announcement of moving ahead infrastructure development works for tourism promotion by the Municipality and the provincial government has raised hopes of development of these heritages,” said Bhogendra Raj Poudel, a resident of Cheru, Bardibas -5.

The Municipality has pursued works on promoting the pilgrimage site, Panchadhuramai Temple area, into a tourism destination. In this connection, the Municipality will upgrade the pond in the temple precincts and beautify the surroundings.

Mayor Prahlad Kumar Chhetri said the Municipality will construct an enchanting park in the area.
Committee president Hiralal Gautam said they will now carry out works in a planned manner for tourism promotion.

The Municipality has allocated Rs 9 million for the project. Out of this amount, Rs 4 million would be spent on managing the pond and Rs 5 million on construction of the park.

Mayor Chhetri said the Municipality will also seek financial support from the provincial and federal governments as well if required. Panchadhuramai area is two kilometers north of the East-West highway. It is a historic holy place inside a forest and is naturally enchanting.

The Municipality has managed 30 bighas land for the construction of the fun park. The provincial government has provided Rs 21.5 million to the Municipality for this purpose, said the Mayor.
Besides the Panchadhuramai area, the other major religious sites in Bardibas are the Tuteshwarnath, Raimandal, the Laxmi Narayan Temple and Kameshwar Templeat Kalapani.

The Bardibas Municipality straddles the Chure hill range in Mahottari district. It spreads to 18 kilometres east-west and 30 kilometres on north-south along the East-West highway (rss).

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