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February 20, 2023

Nepali art gallery of Sindhuli

Kathmandu: Sindhuli art gallery has been established under the leadership of local youths in Kamalamai Municipality-3, Chapauli of Sindhuli.

At Chapauli, 6 km north of Sindhuli fort, there are now 11 young people. “The main purpose of the Art Gallery is to collect, preserve and display the materials related to the old times,” says Shisheer Siddha, treasurer of the art gallery.

So far, instruments related to the culture of two dozen ethnic communities have been collected in the art gallery where playing, singing and dancing are also learned and taught. Panchewaja, Sorathi, Maruni and other dances have been taught here.

According to Treasurer Siddha, art gallery is divided into three sections. The first one is the house; the old used items are kept here. It is said that old materials from 40 to 200 years have been collected and stored here. Items that are about to disappear are also preserved here.

The second is a house with a map of Nepal. A compound wall has been made according to the map of Nepal. There is a plan to build a one-story house according to the map of Nepal and keep the original tools according to the condition of different communities of Nepal.

The name of the third section is Jaribota Ghar. Artifacts made from tree roots, twigs, branches and canvas paintings are placed in it. The source of income of art gallery is the ticket of 50 rupees collected from the visitors and the subsidy received from the local, state and central government. In addition, visitors are also expected to make donations.

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