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February 24, 2023

Tips for trekking in Nepal

Nepal has been one of the popular travel and tour destinations for the foreigners specially for the trekking adventures. Nepal is richly endowed with ample array of peaks and valleys which can be explored at the minimum cost.

You will be amazed that just 1500 to 2000 dollar will fetch you a popular trekking destinations in Nepal. You have also options to bargain with the trekking operators. However, if you would like to have a nice trekking, do not bargain and go for the best price. Nepal is always full of options for abundance of trekking and adventure thrill and excitement.

There are countless options, right from the Everest Base camp to Annapurna circuit trekking and Ama Dablam trekking. What you should just do is to trust one of the best travel companies with good registered guides as you need to cross higher altitudes during the trekking and you never know what might happen on the way.

Before you embark on this adventure,  you should know something about the local cultures too. You should just have a fit body and strong will power to trek through the rough roads and valleys. It is always better to choose Sherpa guides as they are the veteran people who can truly guide you through all kinds of travel and tour adventures in Nepal.

Any way, if you are inclined to take an option for trekking in Nepal, I would suggest the following few tips which you can consider.

Carrying cash with you

You are suggested to carry some cash with you while on your trekking as the trekking areas may not have ATMs, online payment system and other banking services. While in Nepal, the currency exchange services are available only in the towns.

Take care of basics

Remember that you should take the fitted equipment and clothes for your trekking for comfort during the trip.

Know about weather

Knowing about the weather conditions of the trekking destination is one of the major things you should take care of before going on a trek.

Choosing the right footwear

Choose right footwear for the trekking. Good pair of boots having good grip and ankle can support you in steady mountains and rough roads.

Carry water

Carry water with you for the trekking as you never know when you will have high altitude sickness.

Be with a trekking guide

Being with a good trekking guide will always ensure your safety of journey.

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