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February 24, 2023

Tourism prospective of Bhojpur 

Kanchenjunga ranges (file photo)

Bhojpur situated in the far eastern part of Nepal is one of the tourist destinations from where tourists can enjoy the spectacular views of snow ranges of Mt Everest, Lhotse, Lhotsesar, Peak-38, Nupse, Merapik, Charpate, Chamlang, Makalu, Kanchenjunga and Khumbbhakarna among others.

There are many religious, historical and touristic areas in this region. However, these tourist areas have a deserted outlook these days as foreign tourists are not seen here in plenty numbers.

The state has also not paid enough attention to this region to promote tourism. This is the region where one of the famous civil rights campaigners Yogamaya submerged herself under the water during Rana regime to protest against existing social and political order.

The places such as Shiddhakali, Golmerani Bhir, Nagchanga, Chulachuli Cave, Salpasilichung, Hauwagadhi, Kotgadhi, Tripureshwar Mahadev, Santaneshwar Mahadev are worth visiting areas.

The arrival of tourists is less despite the opening of the Mundhum trails in this region. Similarly, the rituals of Kirant Rai, various structures reflecting the culture, large grasslands, cowsheds raised by local shepherds, sheep yards, etc., which have been built around the trekking trail, make the traveling for the tourists more thrilling and excited.

The tourism activities of this region can be promoted if the local tourism operators and provincial government take necessary steps in the days ahead.

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