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February 27, 2023

A320 aircraft passengers stranded in Dubai 

Kathmandu: At least 142 passengers of the Airbus A320 aircraft of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), have been stranded in Dubai due to a problem in the right engine of the aircraft.

According to local time, the passengers of A 320 aircraft, who arrived at the airport at 1 o’clock on Saturday night could not return to Nepal even after 19 hours had passed.

The ship was scheduled to take off from Dubai at 4:30 in the morning. But as the damaged ship could not be repaired, the passengers were stuck in Dubai for 19 hours,” said an engineer of the corporation.

It is not known exactly what happened. The management has not said anything whether to send another ship from Nepal or not. Apart from 142 passengers, there were also 8 cabin crew on board RA 230 flight number.

When the temperature of the right engine of the Corporation’s Alpha Kilo Xray (Lumbini) reached 600 degrees in the ‘idle’ state, crew members Dipuraj Juharchan and Hira Thapa returned the aircraft to the apron while taxiing for about 10 minutes after carrying passengers from Dubai International Airport.

Currently, the corporation’s aircraft is under the supervision of the engineers and technicians of the ground handling company hired there. According to Nepali time, the flight was not confirmed  to return even till 10 pm.

An employee of the corporation’s station in Dubai informed that stranded passengers have been sent to various hotels  of Dubai. Yuvraj Adhikari, executive chairman of the corporation, said that the station is managing according to the corporation’s system.

He did not reveal anything about whether the corporation will send/not send another ship to bring the stranded passengers back to the country or whether they will bring the stranded passengers to the country through other air services. The corporation has been flying to Kathmandu-Dubai 5 days a week except Monday and Friday.

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