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February 27, 2023

Test flights at Resunga Airport in Gulmi

Kathmandu: Gulmi’s new airport Resunga is going to have regular flights soon. An agreement has been reached that next Wednesday; Nepal Airlines Corporation’s Twin Otter aircraft will conduct a testing flight and then carry out regular flights.

According to the agreement reached between Resunga Municipality and Nepal Airlines, the 30% of the total seat capacity per flight landing will be guaranteed by Resunga Municipality and the corporation will arrange other management.

Accordingly, the corporation will conduct a commercial ‘proving’ flight on Wednesday. After that there will be a regular flight every Monday. The corporation’s TwinOtter ship can carry 14 passengers.

Because of the remaining load penalty, the seat must be vacated and flown. Since fuel can be consumed on the way back, it can carry passengers in two more seats, i.e. 16 seats. According to this, there will be a total capacity of 30 seats per flight/landing.

Out of this, 10 seats have been guaranteed by Resunga Municipality. Resunga Airport can be reached within an hour from Kathmandu. If regular flights continue, it is expected that there will be no shortage of passengers in Gulmi.

After that, it is expected that private sector airline companies can also be attracted.

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