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March 1, 2023

Chandragiri Hill lures tourists

  • Achut Regmi
Chandragiri Hill, which has the historical and religious significance  in Nepal, has recently become the main choice of domestic and foreign tourists.

Chandragiri hill, a beautiful place located in the south-west region of the country’s federal capital, Kathmandu, offers a panoramic view of the Kathmandu valley as well as places like Dhading, Nuwakot, Makwanpur and can enjoy the integrated tourism structure developed here.

Domestic and foreign tourists visit this place to enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains and the Kathmandu valley seen from Chandragiri hill, to take a break from their daily life and to relax, to organize meetings and ceremonies, and to visit guests from abroad and outside the valley.

Besides, people who have religious and historical interest also reach Chandragiri for devotional pilgrimage and study.

It is a historical fact that Prithvi Narayan Shah, king of the Shah dynasty, during the campaign of unification of Nepal, observed Kathmandu valley from this Chandragiri hill and thought of unification of Kathmandu Valley (then old Kantipur kingdom) is found in the history of Nepal state formation.

That is why Prithvi Narayan Shah’s statue has also been built on this hill. The statue associated with the said history becomes the main attraction of anyone who comes here and the tourists love to take pictures with this statue. Similarly, there is a temple of Bhaleshwar Mahadev at that place.

There is a legend that Mahadev actually originated here, so, many Nepalese and Indian citizens come here due to its religious importance. Thus, in addition to internal and external tourists visiting this place, this hill has become an attractive destination for those who study history and religion too.

Binayak Pokharel, head of finance of Chandragiri Hills Limited, said that 7145 people visited Chandragiri through the cable car in the month of March only. To go to Chandragiri hill via cable car, there is a fee of 799 rupees for Nepali citizens, 600 rupees for Nepalese students and 22 US dollars for foreign citizens.

Currently, 2000 people go to Chandragiri hill by cable car every day. On holidays, 4,500 to 5,000 people reach Chandragiri hill. Chandragiri Hill has many places to see and visit including Bhaleshwar Temple, Prithvi Narayan Shah’s Salik, Zipline, Children’s Garden, Horse Riding, Chandragiri Hills Resort.

With the launch of the zipline on Chandragiri hill, domestic and foreign tourists have started to increase. Chandragiri Hills Pvt Ltd had started the zipline from last year.

This tourist destination, which is the closest from the capital Kathmandu, has become an attraction for various foreign special guests who come to Nepal at the invitation of the Nepal government and themselves.

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