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March 2, 2023

Romancing with Sherpa village

Junbesi area located in Solududhkunda municipality-2 is known for its picturesque hilly settlements, monasteries of religious and archeological importance and beautiful places to romance with.

This is a Sherpa typical village. The Himalayan district Solukhumbu and the Sherpas, who represent the mountains are synonymous with each other.

It is a district full of religious heritage including snow capped Himal, high mountains and monasteries.

“There is a legend that the name of this village has remained Junbesi because a stone with the shape of moon was found here in ancient times,” said Namgel Zangbu Sherpa, a resident of the same ward and head of Solududhakunda town.

Locals have preserved the stone marked with the moon (jun in local terms) in the middle of the village. Junbesi on the Jiri-Khumbu trail is a charming village on the route to Mt Everest. This area, home to the Sherpa community, is an hour’s drive from Saleri.

Tranquil villages, beautifully crafted houses, monasteries, manes, stones inscribed with letters of hundreds of years ago, and moon -shaped stones at Junbesi are the attractions here.

The sound of Junbesi River flowing from one side of Numbur Himal attracts the mind. Tourists go there to capture the tourist attractions on camera while killing their fatigue.

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