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March 16, 2023

China re-opening its borders for tourists

Chinese-Tourists (file photo)

Kathmandu: China is reported have re-opened its borders for foreign tourists by declaring to ease the visa restrictions after the victory over the Covid-19.

According to the new Chinese tourism related strategy, valid visas issued before but closed to the world on March 28,2020 will be honored after March 15, 2023 onward.

This Chinese policy comes in a bid to strengthen its national economy by boosting the ailing tourism industry which was hard hit by Covid-19.

Initially, the visa-free entries will be allowed in Hianan Island and Shanghai for cruise ships. Tourists from Hongkong and Macau in groups will be allowed a visa free entry while Chinese consular offices in various countries will resume processing the via applications too.

Chinese declarations has also paved the way for the Chinese tourists to travel to around 60 countries in tour groups.

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