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March 17, 2023

Romancing with Thabang village

  • HB Kham

Thabang is one of the remote rustic villages of Nepal which comprises of one of the 3913 village development committees that came into existence after Nepal was declared as a federal state.

Thabang being the epicenter of Maoist insurgency in the past has drawn the attention of many people from across the world. That is why tourists come to visit this ancient village where Kham speaking people are seen in their pastoral lifestyle.

This village is elevated at a height of 3639 meters above sea level and it has already been recognized as one of the tourism destinations for its natural beauty and political significance.

Not only the village is worth touring, but its neighboring  villages such as Uwa, Gusbang, Gam,Serem, Pobang, Kumpo are also worth seeing and romancing with for rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

The district headquarter Libang is just 35 km far away from this village. The Thabang village is over 1700 years old according to the chronicles available. The local people look like half Tibetan and half hill people.

Though their appearance, linguistic and cultural elements may not match with those of Magar people of Palpa and Tanahu regions, yet they still love to call themselves as Kham Magars.

Though the village has scant population of Dalit community, the dominant kham culture and language is significantly used by even Dalits here.

The other villages of Mahat, Mirul, Jelbang, Dhanbang and Kankri  that surround this ancient village also add value to the trekking circuit of Thabang.

The village still represents and reflects the medieval culture and lifestyle of the people which is worth seeing and observing here. The linking of this ancient village through roads and telephones has made it more and  accessible these days and more exciting place to visit for both domestic as well as foreign tourists.

How to reach there?

Take a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj or Tulsipur airport and drive to Silichaur to make night halt in Silichaur town which is located in Rolpa district. The next morning, trek to Pobang area and take night rest over there. On the third day trek to Thabang village, where you can stay in tents or community home stays and enjoy delicious organic local foods such as Dhendo and nettle soup.

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