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April 7, 2023

For whom Everest summit is regular job

For those new aspiring climbers to scale Everest, the highest peak in the world, may be their most coveted dream and lifetime achievement, but for mountaineers like Pasang Dawa Sherpa and Ngima Nuru Sherpa Everest summit is merely routine work or a regular job.

Both of them have climbed Everest at least 25 and 24 times respectively over the two decades. And you won’t believe that during all these frequent ascents they have witnessed all horrors of death, triumphs, and accidents.  They have mourned the death of their close friends in 2014 when an avalanche hit the Khumbu icefall and when an earthquake triggered an avalanche at the base camp in 2015.

However, these two famous climbers while imitating the footsteps of Late Tenzing Norgay attempted their hands as trekking porters followed by their hands in the kitchen and later becoming climbing sherpas before they earned name and fame for being the world-famous climbers of Everest thereby making it their regular job which distinguishes them from other climbers.

Initially, their motive was just to earn money for their living by working as porters and kitchen hands for the trekking groups in Nepal. But today climbing Everest for them is nothing, but normal routine work which may be a hard nut to crack for other climbers.

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