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April 11, 2023

Biska festival begins in Bhaktapur

Kathmandu: Biska, the cultural and historical festival, which is exclusively observed in Bhaktapur, formally began today.

Devotees have flocked at Taumadhi to pay homage to the deity Bhairav since the morning marking the commencement of the festival.

After the worship of Bhairav concludes, the chariot procession of the Bhairav will begin, it is said. The Biska festival commenced with the towing of the Chariot of Bhairav after performing all the associated customary rituals.

The idols of Bhairav and Betal are installed in the chariot along with the sword and flag brought from Hanumandhoka in Kathmandu.

The chariot is pulled in a procession from local Taumadhi to Gahiti. The festival is observed in a grand way for eight nights and nine days with the celebrations of various rituals including the Sindur Jatra and the tongue-piercing ceremony.

Chief District Officer Khagendra Prasad Rijal said all necessary preparations are in place to prevent any untoward incidents during the festival and conclude it peacefully. Police Range Bhaktapur’s Superintendent of Police Prajit KC said around 700 security personnel have been mobilized for the festival.

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