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April 14, 2023

Bishu festival marks New Year 2080 BS

Kathmandu: The districts of Sudurpaschim province today are observing the New Year 2080 BS by celebrating the Bishu festival with great joy and happiness.

The housewives are deeply engrossed in preparing rice pudding soaked in curd and other delicious food items for the family members to enjoy it to mark this new year and festival.

The main highlights of this festival are characterized by brothers-in-law and sisters-in-laws hitting one another with nettle soaked in water as a part and parcel of fun and merry-making on this occasion. Such a prank is believed to prevent skin diseases.

According to the locals, this festival is being forgotten. So, the festival is being revived to preserve it. The festival also proves to be a reunion day for the family members who remain away from others for a long time due to jobs in other places.

The festival is believed to commemorate the birthday of Vikramaditya, an ancient Hindu emperor, and his valor

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