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May 2, 2023

Bhimsen tower represents Nepal’s iconic heritage

Dharahara or Bhimsen Tower which was built by late Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa of Nepal in the 19th century is a unique and land-marking iconic heritage that represents Nepal’s image to the outside world.

Both domestic as well as foreign tourists visit this Bhimsen tower to view the scenic beauty of the Kathmandu valley from the top roof of this tower.

This ancient tower is located in the middle of Kathmandu- the capital city of Nepal. It was built in 1932 by Bhimsen Thapa who was then the prime minister of Nepal.

Bhimsen Thapa had built it with the purpose of providing a strategic vantage point for the army to oversight what is going on inside the Kathmandu city and watch against any possible attacks from the enemies.

The magnificent tower stood at a height of 62 meters with spiral staircases leading from the ground floor to the top roof of the tower for visitors.

The tower has been reconstructed and renovated several times after 1934 for the safety of the visitors. It has been reconstructed after the earthquake of 2015 as the earthquake shook it terribly and the tower collapsed.

Now the tower after reconstruction stands at a height of 22 meters with spiral staircases for the visitors to go up and enjoy the aerial view of the city.

The tower is one of the sources of revenue for the Nepal government as it boosts up Nepali tourism by attracting hundreds and thousands of visitors every year.

Tickets are available at the counters of this tower on the ground floor which the visitors can buy and go upstairs. It is not very far from the Thamel area. Tourists can walk up to the Bhimsen Tower along with their friends.

You can even take a cab from Thamel and ask the cab driver to take you to the Bhimsen Tower (Dharahara) for a visit.

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