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May 8, 2023

Bhedetar: Eastern Nepal’s tourist destination

  • HB Kham

Bhedetar is one of the best and most worthwhile tourist destinations of eastern Nepal for both domestic as well as foreign tourists.

This tourist site is located at Sanghurigadhi Rural Municipality-6 of Dhankuta near Dharan city. Elevated around 1420 meters above sea level is a place where the climate is suitable throughout the year.

This tourist hub has chilling winds with serene surroundings. This tourist site has already been declared as one of the top 12 underreported tourist destinations by the American news agency CNN and it has come to the worldwide limelight through the news.

Bhedetar can offer world-class tourism services such as seminar halls and is capable of accommodating over 1000 tourists in one night through its 45 tourist-class hotels, resorts, and homestays available here. Tourists can see several famous places around this tourist spot.

Bhedetar Bazaar

Bhedetar Bazaar is a transit point for tourists arriving in Nepal to escape the summer and winter seasons. This place is just 18 km far from Dharan town which follows a serpentine roadways of Koshi highway from Dharan.

Pathibhara Temple

This shrine has attracted the attention of both Kiratis and Hindu devotees and people from all across the nation and India come to visit this temple.

Namje Village

This beautiful village stands just 2.5 km away from the Bhedetar market where the dominant indigenous community of Magar thrives here with the typical dance called “Hurra”. From this village, one can view the sight of Mt Everest, Mt Kumbakarna, Mt Makalu, and Mt Kanchenjunga too.

Sayok Yak (Sanghuri Fort)

This ancient fort is said to have been made by a Limbu king called Sayok Hang after winning Thebohang which is worth visiting and observing.

Singsuwa Fall

Nearly 8 km away from Bhedetar market this waterfall is over 50 meter high and it continues to attract the attention of hundreds and thousands of visitors now.

Bhedetar View Tower

In the middle of the Bhedetar market is situated the Bhedetar view tower from where one can have an eagle’s view of the entire Bhedetar area surrounding areas. Even British royal Prince Charles is reported to have come here and climbed this view tower in 1980.

Dhwaje Danda

This hill is used to see sunrise by the tourists who arrive here.

Okhre View Tower

This tower falls in Sanghurigadhi Rural Municipality-5 of Dhankuta district. Located at 6 km distance from Bhedetar can be visited for extra fun.

Rajarani Tal (lake)

This famous lake situated at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level and endowed with charming Lotus flowers is another means of attraction for tourists here. This lake is the most beautiful and biggest lake in eastern Nepal.

Boating and fishing on this lake can also be enjoyed by visitors. It takes nearly one hour by vehicle to reach this lake from Bhedetar.

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