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May 22, 2023

Naren Shahi Successfully Summits Mt. Everest for the Fourth Time

Naren Shahi Thakuri, a highly skilled mountaineer and resident of Bhayalakharka, Lamjung, Nepal, achieved an incredible feat by conquering the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest On May 17, 2023. This marked his fourth successful ascent of the majestic mountain, a testament to his exceptional mountaineering skills and determination.

Thakuri embarked on his journey from the Base Camp on May 12 and reached the summit of Mt. Everest at 8:33 am on May 17.

With an impressive twenty years of experience as a mountain guide, Thakuri is a certified International Federation of Mountain Guide Association (IFMGA) guide. Born in 1982 in Bhalayakharka, Lamjung, Nepal. His illustrious career began in 2002, and since then, he has continued to serve in the realm of trekking and mountaineering.

Throughout his two-decade journey, Naren Shahi Thakuri has accomplished various milestones and acquired extensive training. He completed his basic mountaineering training in 2002, aspirant guide training in 2012, mountain guide training in 2016, and long-line helicopter rescue training in 2017. These trainings have honed his skills and equipped him with the necessary expertise to navigate challenging terrains and ensure the safety of fellow climbers.

Thakuri’s mountaineering endeavors extend beyond Mt. Everest. He has successfully scaled numerous peaks, including Mera Peak, Island Peak, Everest, Lobuche, Ama Dablam, Yala Peak, Chulu East, Manaslu, Tserko-ri, and Yalung-ri. His accomplishments reflect his versatility and mastery of various terrains and altitudes.

In addition to his mountaineering pursuits, Thakuri holds notable positions within the mountaineering community. He is the President of Gandaki Alpine Club and an esteemed member of the NMIA (Nepal Mountain Instructors Association) executive board. He also serves as a Technical Director of the NNMGA (Nepal National Mountain Guide Association) executive board.

Thakuri’s remarkable achievement of conquering Mt. Everest for the fourth time further solidifies his reputation as an exceptional mountaineer and a source of inspiration for aspiring climbers in Nepal and beyond. His dedication to the craft, unwavering spirit, and commitment to the mountaineering community make him a true role model in the field of mountaineering.

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