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June 11, 2023

Nepal can attract Indian tourists:Former U.P. C.M.

  • Bharat KC
Maya Devi Temple
Kathmandu:  Former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh (UP) of India, Jagdambika Pal, viewed Nepal could attract Indian tourists by devising necessary plans and programmes.

Current Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Pal said so during his recent visit to Butwal in Rupandehi district where he came to inaugurate a cable car that links Butwal and Palpa.

Stating that Nepal possesses tremendous unique possibility in tourism in terms of religion, culture and nature, he expressed that Indian tourists should be attracted to Nepal through tourism targeted programmes.  He observed, “Uttar Pradesh alone has over 240 million populations. Nepal does not need to go far and away to find foreign tourists if only Nepal could attract Indian tourists in every possible area.”

He viewed that Lumbini cable car installed in Butwal would be a draw for Indian tourists apart from Nepalis. “Since Uttar Pradesh of India is adjacent to some districts in Terai belt of the Lumbini Province, the cable car and other touristic infrastructures would become a tourism destination for the Uttar Pradesh people.”

Pal further opined that Uttar Pradesh folks need not go Himachal State to enjoy cable car as Lumbini cable car would also be their attraction. The Kamakhya Temple built atop the cable car’s station and cool environment and enchanting natural beauty in and around the cable car station would also be another draw for the Uttar Pradesh folks.

Stating that Nepal and India had been enjoying centuries-old ties religiously and culturally, Pal asserted that the relations between the two countries were strong also at people-to-people level. He said that the recent visit of Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ to India had made the ties between the two countries further cordial.

He also commented that the visit had played a significant role when it comes to improving the ties between the two countries and whatever agreements signed during Nepali PM’s visit to India was in the collective interest of the both countries.

Furthermore, he noted that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi making public announcement to purchase 10,000 mega watt of electricity from Nepal within a decade was ‘historic’.

A total of five districts in Lumbini Province are adjacent to Uttar Pradesh. Indian tourists enter Nepal through major bordering points, such as Belahiya in Rupandehi, Krishnanagar in Kapilvastu, Jamunaha in Banke district, Thutibari in Nawalparashi, Kakrahawa in Rupandehi and Koilabas in Dang district.

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