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June 13, 2023

Temperature felt in Everest region

Kathmandu. People are perturbed by the increasing temperature across the country. The perennial scorching sun light in the day time has hampered most of the works which are done in the broad day light.

Prolonged drought is most likely to affect the maize and rice. The hot cities such as Nepalgunj and Bhairaha including some areas of terai are recording the temperature above 40 degrees per day.

The villagers and residents of Khumbu and Everest region have also started feeling the temperature to be above 14 degree Celsius.

According to the weather forecast and meteorological department, if the Khumbu region does not see rainfall within few days, then the ice of this region may melt away which may create another problem.

In the long run this process of melting away of ice in the Everest region will pave the way for rise in the sea level.

And consequently, the sudden rise in sea level will cause troubles and loss of humanity for the modern cities. And needless to say rising sea level means death of civilians in cities based on the banks of rivers or seas.

In order to avoid this situation, all countries which are the members of United Nations Organizations should agree to curtail their gross yearly income by stopping the factories and industries including cement industries, without taking into the main consideration about the significance of sustaining human lives despite climate change and global warming.

Besides, all workers and community people should engage in sowing at least 100 green trees every day to bring down the negative impact of the global warming.

All local bodies, media, civil society and voluntaries should join hands together and work collaboratively.




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