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June 20, 2023

Dhading zipline attracting tourists

  • Prakash Silwal
Pokhara Zipline-Photo: Nawraj Sapkota
A zipline around 27 kilometers away from Kathmandu, the federal capital of Nepal, has been the centre of attraction for tourists, both domestic and foreign.

Located at Satghumti of Thakre Rural Municipality-7 in Dhading district, the 1,200 metres long zipline called ‘Naubise Triumph Organic Resort and Zipline’ is probably the steepest one and second longest one in Nepal, it has been said.

It attracted around 4,000 tourists in one year, said the zipline manager Pratyush Lama. Then Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning of Bagmati Province, Shalikram Jamarkattel, inaugurated the adventure sport on 20 April, 2022.

However, current economic problem has not spared the resort and zipline. Customers have decreased lately, said the resort operator. They have a plan to expand the nine-room resort and construct a swimming pool.

According to the zipline technician Bikash Bhandari, Rs 3,500 is charged per person to ride the adventure sport. There is an offer of 25 percent discount along with various packages, he said. Zipline is a pulley suspended on a cable made from stainless steel, and mounted on a slope.

People below 10 years of age are allowed to ride zipline. People with high blood pressure have been advised not to ride it.

The zipline is crowded on public holidays including Saturdays, he said. Spanning the total 127 ropanis of land, around Rs 270 million has been invested in the resort and zipline so far with Rs 20 million in the zipline alone, said the resort’s manager Lama.

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