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September 27, 2023

Branding local wine to mark world tourism day

Hit Thapa

When the entire world was celebrating the world tourism day on September 27.2023 by organizing various tourism promotional activities in their own way, the local indigenous Tharu community people in Bardiya district in the far western part of Nepal were celebrating this remarkable day by showcasing the branding of local wine with indigenous ingenuity with the title Twelve Tiger Pack (TTP).

Furthermore, the TTP was showcased at the prime site of one of the famous tourist destinations known was Bardiya Tiger Tops in Nepal.

On this occasion, various types of locally brewed wine were showcased with different local names given to each of the local wine produced by the local Tharu women dressed in their traditional attires that were placed and displayed in earthen pots.

This scene was something very remarkable and unforgettable to be seen here on this occasion according to the observers and stakeholders.

In other words this event was instigated and promoted by the supportive role of Lumbini province as its chief Minister Dilli Chaudhary himself is hails from Tharu community of Dang district which is an adjacent district of Bardiya district.

Evidently enough the development expert who holds the helm of affairs of Lumbini province Dr. Nahakul KC was rightly present on the occasion and prompting the participants of the TTP associated with branding of local wine.

In fact the government of Nepal does not have a clear stance on dealing with the local liquor or wine as government thinks that the local producers of local wine try to evade government taxes, so mostly the police men are asked to prevent such brewing of local wine by taking those producers of local wine into custody so far.

However, there are few instances where even parliamentarians at province level and federal parliament have collectively decried against government apathy toward local wine and vehemently called for branding and distribution at international level.

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