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October 4, 2023

American Everest Ski & filming project delayed

Kathmandu: The two American climbers’ dream to ski down the Everest peak and produce a film on it is  delayed as Chinse authorities in Tibet delay issuing a ski permit to the top American expedition team according to sources.

The million-dollar project “The Everest Ski Project ” architected by the two top American climbers is funded by the National Geographic Society and the North Face.

The top two American climbers – Conrad Anker and Jimmy Chin- have not been issused the ski permit so far. Conrad is the expedition leader of the Ski team while, while Jimmy is the production head of the film project and most of their team members have already reached the Tibet for the project.

Some of the team members are reported to be languishing at Tingri. while others have reached the base camp to fix the ropes for the Hornbein Coulori route.

The most ambitious film on ski descent from the top of Everest through Hornbein Couloir this autumn is about to happen, the team members said.

The Nepali climbers aligned with this team include Mingma Tenzi Sherpa, who will be providing ground support to this team, while the world reputed climber Nirmal Purja and women climber Dawa Yangzum Sherpa will also be joining this team according to sources.

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