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November 13, 2023

Manjushree Trail Race concludes

Kathmandu: The Manjushree Trail Race has concluded in Kathmandu. In the men’s race, Ramesh Limbu won first place by completing the race in 32 hours 56 minutes 14 seconds. On the women’s side, Anita Rai finished the 170 km race in 36 hours, 47 minutes, and 12 seconds and secured the first position.

Organizer Manjushree Trail Race said that Limbu participated in this kind of race for the first time. Winners Limbu and Rai will get an opportunity to represent Nepal in the ‘Ultra Tour Monta Race’ to be held in Switzerland in 2024. On this occasion, Manjushree Trail Race will handle their financial and travel management.

The 170 km race started from the forest camp of Kalu Pande Hill in Dahchok, Kathmandu at 6 am on Friday. Organizers say that this long trail race is the first and only one in Nepal.

While running in the trail race, the contestants climbed and descended mountains including Phalchoki, Nagarjuna, Shivpuri, Nagarkot, Champadevi, Bhasmasur, and Chandragiri.

Under the Manjushree Trail Race itself, three race competitions of 92, 54, and 24 km were also included from Jhule, Chapakhark, and Pharping for the participants who are not suitable to participate in long distances. All the races ended at Kalu Pande Hill in Dahchok.

Bikram Thami became the winner of the men’s race by completing the 92 km race in 20 hours 13 minutes 3 seconds. None of the women participants completed the 92 km race, so there was no winner in the women’s category.

The 54 km race was completed in 8 hours 33 minutes 19 seconds by Bakhar Pokhrel on the men’s side and Manju Rawat on the women’s side in 8 hours 36 minutes 3 seconds.

Similarly, Shyam Magrati finished the 24 km race in 3 hours 5 seconds and Priya Rai finished first in 3 hours 39 minutes 9 seconds for women. The winners received certificates and and other prizes.

A total of 88 contestants including 67 Nepalese and 21 foreigners participated in the four stages of the competition. Among them, 69 are men and 19 are women, said Subhas Thapa, president of Manjushree Trail Race.

World-famous runners Lizzie Hawker, Seth Olpin, and Roger Henken first envisioned this route in 2015. After that, they completed the race on this route in 2016

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