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November 15, 2023

UN warns against catastrophic climate impacts

Kathmandu: The United Nations (UN) has warned against worse catastrophic global climate impacts according to a report released a week ago.

The UN climate change organization said that the world was failing to act towards serious urgency to curb greenhouse gas emissions, which resulted in “severely off track” to limit warming to 1.5C and avoid catastrophic climate impacts.

Combined commitments from nearly 200 nations would see 2030 carbon emissions fall just two percent below 2019 levels.

“Every fraction of a degree matters, but we are severely off track. COP28 is our time to change that,” said UN Climate Change chief Simon Stiell.

Speaking during a program in Dubai this month, he warned the world against increasing natural calamities including floods, heatwaves, and storms that may harm humanity if precautions are not taken to avert global warming by reducing carbon emissions.

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