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January 2, 2024

Yukta and Prakash Conquer Unclimbed Khumjungar Himal in Winter

In a remarkable feat of skill, determination, and environmental consciousness, mountaineers Yukta Gurung and Prakash Gurung have successfully scaled the previously unclimbed peak of Khumjungar Himal (6759m) this winter. The duo employed an innovative alpine style climbing technique, leaving no trace of waste materials in their quest to explore new frontiers.

The climbers, both members of the ‘Project Together’ initiative, have been collaborating since 2015, sharing a passion for mountaineering and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Prakash Gurung expressed, “We are the team members in this project named ‘Project Together’. We have known each other since 2015 and enrolled in the same profession.”

Project Together was conceived last year with the objective of exploring new mountains within their province and introducing a novel climbing style to mitigate the environmental impact on the Himalayan region. Traditional fix line climbing methods prevalent in the Himalayas contribute significantly to waste accumulation, posing a threat to the pristine mountain environment.

Yukta Gurung shared insights into their motivation, stating, “We had planned last year to explore new mountains in our own province since the concept was in our thoughts. We also planned a new style of climbing, alpine style, to reduce waste materials in the mountain environment.”

The pioneering climbers aim not only to conquer unexplored peaks but also to revolutionize the climbing culture by promoting sustainable practices. Prakash Gurung emphasized, “We would also like to promote mountaineering tourism equally in different regions so that tourism will flourish.”

Highlighting their commitment to nurturing the next generation of climbers, the duo expressed a desire to introduce new routes and inspire young climbers in the Nepalese climbing community. They stressed the importance of linking with local communities to support and sustain businesses.

“While exploring the surroundings, we realized the need for sustainable tourism, which is not fully recognized here. We’re still organizing this kind of project soon in the next year and love to continue exploring new routes and unclimbed peaks,” Yukta Gurung affirmed.

This groundbreaking expedition serves as a testament to the potential of alpine style climbing in preserving the pristine beauty of the Himalayas while fostering a sustainable and responsible approach to adventure tourism. The climbing community eagerly anticipates the next ventures of Yukta Gurung and Prakash Gurung, as they continue to lead the way in redefining mountaineering norms.

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