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Kamirita Sherpa Surpasses Own Record with 29th Everest Climb

File Photo: Kamirita Sherpa

In a remarkable feat of human endurance and mountaineering prowess, Kamirita Sherpa has once again etched his name into the annals of climbing history by summiting Mount Everest for an astounding 29th time. Breaking his own record, he reached the pinnacle of the world’s highest peak on Sunday morning at 7:25 am local time, as confirmed by Seven Summit Treks Pvt Ltd, the agency managing his ascent.

Kamirita Sherpa, hailing from Thame in Solukhumbu, Nepal, has long been synonymous with Everest’s towering heights. His relentless pursuit of the summit has seen his surpass his own accomplishments time and again. Last spring, he scaled Mt. Everest for the 28th time, setting a record that seemed unassailable until now.

Accompanying Kamirita on this monumental climb were a group of fellow climbers who also achieved the extraordinary feat of conquering Mt. Everest’s summit. Among them were Kia Noosh Ravanfar and Michael Andrew Arnstein from the United States, Lucia Janicova from Slovakia (the first Slovak woman to achieve this feat), Landry James Warnez from Canada, Jordan Yogendra Chhetri from the United Kingdom, Maxut Zhumayev, Anar Burasheva (the first Kazakh women to climb Everest), along with several Sherpas.

Kamirita Sherpa

Notably, Kamirita’s closest rival in the realm of Everest ascents is Pasang Dawa Sherpa, a 48-year-old mountaineer from Pangboche, Solukhumbu, who has summited Everest an impressive 27 times.

Kamirita Sherpa’s journey to Everest’s summit began in 1994, and since then, she has continuously pushed the boundaries of what is considered possible in mountaineering. Despite initially announcing his retirement from Everest climbs, she ultimately continued, driven by both the requests of fellow climbers who sought to join him on his ventures and his own personal motivations.

This year’s spring climbing season commenced with a flurry of activity, with the Herculean task of fixing ropes to the summit completed just a day before Kamirita’s historic ascent. A team of ten Sherpas from Seven Summit Treks undertook the arduous task of securing the route, marking the beginning of what promises to be another eventful climbing season on the world’s tallest peak.

As Kamirita Sherpa descends from Everest’s lofty heights, his indomitable spirit serves as a beacon of inspiration for climbers and adventurers worldwide, reminding us all of the boundless human potential and the relentless pursuit of excellence that drives us to conquer the world’s greatest challenges.

Profile: Kamirita Sherpa Conquering Mountains and Inspiring Dreams 

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