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3 weeks ago

Everest Legend Kami Rita Sherpa Scales the Peak for a Record-Setting 30th Time


In a display of remarkable mountaineering prowess, Kami Rita Sherpa has rewritten the record books once again by summiting Mount Everest for a staggering 30th time. This historic feat marks his second ascent of the season, solidifying his position as the most successful Everest climber in history.

Just a week after breaking his own record with a 29th summit, Kami Rita reached the top of the world on Wednesday morning at 7:49 am, as confirmed by Khimlal Gautam, head of the Everest Base Camp tourism department.

“Kami Rita Sherpa has set a new benchmark by reaching the summit of Everest for the 30th time,” Gautam declared, highlighting the significance of this achievement.

The 54-year-old Sherpa guide, who hails from Thame in Nepal’s Solukhumbu district, first conquered Everest in 1994. Throughout his illustrious career, he has consistently returned to the mountain, amassing an unmatched number of summits. Kami Rita’s unwavering dedication and exceptional skills have made him the sole climber in Everest’s 71-year history to achieve this extraordinary milestone.

The current spring climbing season has witnessed over 460 climbers and Sherpas successfully reaching the summit. A total of 414 individuals, including 75 women, received climbing permits and embarked on the challenging ascent.

This latest accomplishment by Kami Rita serves as a powerful testament to human resilience and the remarkable feats achievable in the face of immense physical and mental challenges. His unwavering spirit and passion for mountaineering continue to inspire climbers around the world.

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