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2 weeks ago

Prime Minister Dahal Announces Climber Welfare Fund

In a move welcomed by mountain tourism stakeholders, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal announced the establishment of the “Aarohi (Climber) Welfare Fund” during a program held in Capital city on Wednesday.

The fund aims to provide financial and social security to mountain climbers, particularly the Sherpa community who play a vital role in Nepal’s mountaineering industry. Climbers and tourism professionals have long advocated for a dedicated fund to address their needs.

“This Climbers’ Welfare Fund will prove to be instrumental in ensuring the future security of our climbers, especially for the livelihood of the Sherpa tribe,” stated Prime Minister Dahal.

The Prime Minister also announced initiatives to provide Value Added Tax (VAT) exemption for the mountaineering sector, aiming to make it more economically accessible. He emphasized the government’s dedication to professionalizing the climbing industry and expressed the need for collaboration to tackle environmental challenges like climate change and waste management in the mountains.

This announcement coincides with the government’s plan to attract 1.6 million tourists in the upcoming fiscal year. Prime Minister Dahal highlighted efforts to identify and promote new tourist destinations within Nepal.

TheAarohi (Climber) Welfare Fund and VAT relief are seen as positive steps towards supporting the well-being of climbers and the overall growth of Nepal’s mountaineering sec

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