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September 15, 2022

How to get badge and identity card for Everest climbers?

Kathmandu: The government is now going to issue batch and identity cards for the identification of Everest climbers.

According to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, the government is now going to issue formal batches and identity cards to appreciate and honor the successful climbers of Mount Everest. The Ministry has prepared a procedure for providing batch and identity cards.

According to the procedure, Everest climbers have to submit an application in the prescribed format to the tourism department to get a batch and identity card. After examining the application, the department will provide a batch and identity card to the applicant as an honor.

It is mentioned in the procedure that the climber must attend the department in person to receive the batch and reference letter regardless of the application submitted through any means. Records of batch and identity cards will be kept in the department. Such details are going to be published in the book ‘Facts and Figures’ which is published every year.

Discounts, facilities, and concessions cannot be claimed

As the batch and identity card obtained in this way is only for the honor of the climber, the climber cannot claim it for any kind of service, concession, facility, or discount. If found asking in this way, it will be considered misuse of batch and identity card.

On what basis is it inactive?

According to the procedure, if the fact that the mountaineer has climbed is confirmed otherwise and the certificate of mountain climbing is revoked, the batch and identity card will be automatically revoked.

Even if it is found that the batch and identity card have been misused or used in an unauthorized manner, the government can take away this facility.

The batch will be invalid even if the ministry and department have published a notice and banned the use of the batch and identity card. If the batch and ID card are inactive, the batch and ID card must be returned to the department.

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