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September 1, 2019

Haritalika Teej Begins

Teej celebration
Teej celebration

One of the most joyous moments of the festival known as the Hartalika Teej or festival of Hindu women (women’s wishing festival) begins from today in Nepal which will last for three consecutive days. 

The festival is being observed across the country by all married women and unmarried girls, wishing for their husband’s long life and girls wishing for meeting with a life partner who will be as much dedicated them as lord Shiva for his consort Parvati. The festival also marks the day of reunion between Lord Shiva and Parvati.

The festival also signifies the welcoming of the monsoon season. The women dressed in red clothes dance and sing songs to express their emotions and sentiments they experienced throughout the year that passed.


A legend has it that once a Himalayan king who had a beautiful daughter named Parvati was about to give his daughter’s hand in marriage to Hindu God Vishnu. However, Parvati used to adore Lord Shiva. With the support of her mates, princess Parvati managed to escape to the jungles. Meanwhile, Lord Shiva disguised as Vishnu tried to lure her. But she did not move at all. At last, Shiva showed his real appearance and both Parvati and Shiva were united. This day and moment of reunion marked the festival day of Teej for all Hindu women. It is also celebrated in India too. 

Darkhane Din (feast day), First day

On the first day, all women dressed in their best dresses gather together to engage in big feast and dance in songs. Usually, days before this day comes women dance with their mates.

Fasting day: Second day

The second day starts with fasting for married and unmarried women wishing for a long life of their husbands and virgin girls wishing to meet with the desired husband of their dreams.

Rishi Panchami: Third day

This day is marked by worshiping the seven sages known as Sapta Rishis. The worship of these seven sages on this third day is observed after purifying body and mind by taking bath in the holy rivers. This is done to get rid of sins.

How did Teej originate?

It is said that the word “Teej” originated from a small red insect that appears on the earth during the months of monsoon. That’s why the while celebrating this festival the women wear red colored clothes.

This festival is celebrated generally in the solar calendar (August to September). Hindu women visit the Hindu temples of Lord Shiva and make dance and merriment. Men folks also throng to see the dances of the women.

What can tourists watch?

Tourists can watch the various forms of women dances and enjoy these sights as a unique and exotic phenomenon.

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